TA-8567UZB: Innovations for Agricultural Modernisation

Title of task:

TA-8567UZB: Innovations for Agricultural Modernisation

Country: Uzbekistan

Location within country: Bukhara and Tashkent Provinces

Name of client:

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Implementation period(month/year):

July, 2014 - December, 2016

Name of senior professional staff of your firm involved and functions performed (indicate most significant profiles such as Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader):

Akparali Atamirzaev – Agricultural Specialist, Deputy Team Leader Azamat Khalboev – Project Coordinator

Project description:

The scope of work that is expected to be completed under TA 8567-UZB is practical in essence, but also quite wide in potential scope. The two elements taken together will provide a full package of proposals that should support and improve existing production while also leading to increased efficiency that will open up greater opportunities for farmers. A complete package of finance and credit will be required to be tailored to provide farmers with the necessary support to implement sustainable changes in diversified and modernized agricultural production and marketing chains through investment into modern machinery and equipment.
Output 1 – Agricultural mechanization comprises the use of tools, implements and machinery to perform a variety of agricultural tasks, such as land development, crop cultivation, harvesting, and on-farm storage/processing. It may involve the use of human, animal and mechanical sources of power. For the purposes of TA 8567-UZB, agricultural mechanization relates only to machinery operated by mechanical power. Strengthening agricultural mechanization requires a strategy to create a policy and institutional framework and financing modalities for farmers to select and use farm machinery through a sustainable system of delivery and support. The scope of the financial component under TA 8567-UZB is to provide such a strategy based upon the analysis of (i) existing agricultural mechanization finance provision systems and mechanisms and farmer demand for finance, and (ii) existing supply and demand of mechanization at the farm level.
Output 2 – Diversification of the cropping systems will require analysis of the current constraints in the existing systems and then to identify opportunities for change and improvement within the framework of the both the cotton – wheat rotation and also in cotton free production areas with the HVC’s. At the same time pilot demonstrations will be established that will look to introduce innovation and modernized approaches to production. To maximize potential benefit on the demonstration sites the TA team will actively work to involve the private sector equipment and input suppliers in “Partnership roles” on the demonstrations to increase opportunity for introduction of industry best practice and modern