Review and Analysis of the Water and Energy Nexus in Syrdarya Basin
Name of client:
PA Government Services Inc/United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Name of senior professional staff of your firm involved and functions performed
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Azim Nazarov – Team Leader
Country: Central Asia
Location within country: Syrdarya Basin (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan)
Implementation period(month/year):
October 1, 2008 - November 30, 2008

USAID has contracted PA Government Services Inc. to implement Kyrgyz Energy Advisory Services (KEAS) project as technical assistance to the Government of Kyrgyz Republic (GoKR) with the following objectives: (i) provide advice to the GoKR on the development of energy capacity that will enable it to participate in the CASA 1000 project on a sustainable basis; (ii) assist the GoKR in presenting its views through the Inter-Governmental Council of the CASA 1000 project and in negotiating the implementing mechanisms and structures for energy exports; and (iii) assist the GoKR in pursuing an export oriented strategy for sustainable development and investment in the energy sector within the context of a robust policy framework.
As part of the KEAS project, PA Government Services Inc. has engaged NBT under Subtask 1.3 of KEAS project to conduct a review of regional water sharing arrangements as they relate to opportunities for or constraints on the development of large hydropower projects with cross-border implications, with emphasis on ways to optimize irrigation and energy benefits within the Kyrgyz Republic and the region.