Launch of "Construction of a 100 MW solar power plant" project
Posted at: 08/19/2019
Nazar Business and Technology LLC, together with Solar Technology Advisors S.A. (Spain), has successfully launched the project "Construction of a 100 MW solar power plant" in the Samarkand region, Nurabad district, Tutli village. The customer of this project is one of the leading companies in the energy sector - Total EREN (France).

At this stage, specialists began work on the environmental and social impact environmental and social assessment of the project. In this connection, the project territory was surveyed, social issues were discussed with representatives of Tutli village, land allocation procedures according to IFI standards were agreed with representatives of the Office for Land Resources and State Cadastre, Nurabad District, Samarkand Province. On environmental issues, an assessment of the natural and climatic conditions, a detailed study of the flora and fauna of the project site was carried out.

Following the visit, a Due Diligences Report of the project area will be developed. This report will serve as a springboard for the development of documents “Environmental Social Impact Assessment” (ESIA) according to the standards of the International Financial Institutions and the Republic of Uzbekistan. Impact was this