We offer professional services in:

Water management
Environmental protection
Social guarantees
Renewable Energy
Institutional structure
NBT companies anniversary

Hooray! NBT is celebrating the anniversary – 10 years of solid teamwork and extensive work! We express our great appr...
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Visit to project area of the SKWRIM Project

On June 8 and 9, 2017 NBT Team together with the representatives of the World Bank and PIU-WB visited the project area o...
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Visit to pilot regions of UNDP implemented “Technical Capacity Building” Project

NBT team on 12-14 April 2017 visited Fergana province which is one of the pilot regions of UNDP implemented “Technical C...
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NBT participated in the seminar "Development of the Waste Ma...

On April 10 of 2017, NBT participated in the seminar "Development of the Waste Management System in the Republic of Uzbe...
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We offer project consulting services:

  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Energy and renewable energy development (solar and wind)
  • Development of transport and infrastructure
  • Financial and economic analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (environmental management and monitoring)
  • Socio-economic assessments (gender and resettlement)

Learning the introduction of modern technology:

  • Agricultural / Environmental Technologies
  • Hydrological and meteorological equipment and monitoring
  • Simulation of hydrological / channel operations
  • Supervisory control and data collection (SCADA)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Communication systems
  • Renewable Energy Technologies

Training courses include:

  • Agribusiness Management
  • Farmer Field Schools
  • Institutional Strengthening (WCA support)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (environmental management and monitoring)
  • Modern irrigation technologies (SCADA, GIS, meteorological stations, modeling)
  • International and national legal policy
  • Project management

Financial and economic analysis

  • Evaluation and forecasting of the financial condition of the object based on its financial statements
  • Forecast of profits and cash flows in the process of implementing an investment project
  • Evaluation of the investment project
  • Structural analysis of assets and liabilities
  • Analysis of financial results
  • Financial stability analysis
  • Analysis of the obligations of the organization
  • Analysis of solvency (liquidity)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the resources used
  • Return on equity (the ratio of net profit to equity of the enterprise)
  • Return on sales (the ratio of profit from sales (gross profit) to the company's revenue)

Sociological research

    Sociological research is a system of logical and sequential methodological, methodical and organizational-technical procedures in sociology for obtaining scientific knowledge about social phenomena, as well as their procedures, processes. A sociological study is a system of theoretical and empirical procedures. For purposes of sociological research are divided into fundamental and applied. Fundamental are aimed at establishing and analyzing social tendencies, patterns of development, and are associated with solving complex problems of society. Applied aimed at the study of specific objects, the solution of certain social problems
NBT Chronology

  Company foundation

16th of January 2008

Azim Nazarov founded the consulting company NBT

  First contract

February 2008

The first NBT contract with “Surkhon Abror Sardor Service” company

Work with “Uzbekenergo”

May 2010

The first NBT contract with the State Entity JSC “Uzbekenergo”